Stay On The Paleo Diet, Permanent, Positive Change In Your Health

That’s all you’ll ever have in a guide to how to eat the proper Paleo road without compromising on taste or convenience.

As you might guess, each recipe contains NO:
It’s all real food you’ll find on the outside of the supermarket, including a variety of meats, vegetables and occasional addition of nuts and seeds.

That’s it, and yet you will not believe in the types of recipes that are possible …

Eat rich, juicy, mouth-watering meals that make your friends jealous …

Just imagine while all your friends count calories – suffer from another lousy diet … or worse, they are ignorant and eat random / processed food that ages them at chain speed …

… you will eat on some of the best dishes you have ever had. Like these.

You also get some bonus meals from our special recipe categories

Yes, it’s hard to believe that they are actually on any “diet” – but again, Paleo is not a diet at all.

And if you eat food like this daily, it would not be enough, you’ll be slimmer … more energy … has better muscle definition … sick less often … your mood gets better … your skin shines … and so much more!

PaleoHacks Cookbook is for anyone serious about taking on Paleo Diet – For Life!
Yes, the recipes in this book are universally sound, and whether you are a resident, an elite athlete or a busy exectutive.

Remember: When you eat food, we as humans have evolved to eat and you cut out the “modern” foods that are not mixed with our genes and DNA …

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